Orders close at 11:59pm each Monday for the following 8 days - We do stock spare cakes if you miss this cut off, just contact us to check availability

Frequently asked questions

Have a look through the 'Price Guide' section to view the products, sizing and pricing. Please go to the 'Contact Us' page to submit an Enquiry Form otherwise you can try our Online Shop to buy certain designs directly. If you've submitted an Enquiry Form, we will respond to you within 2 business days (Please check your Junk Mail if you do not hear back from us or send through a message via Instagram).

You will need to pay a 50% deposit to book your order in when submitting an Enquiry Form. Once the order is booked in, you cannot change the design/flavour of your order without incurring an admin fee. Please ensure that you are 100% happy with what you are ordering before paying your deposit as any changes will incur an admin fee. We understand that some guests may RSVP late. In these circumstances, we will need at least 7 days notice to change the size of your order. The same goes for a change of date or any additions to the order. Please give ample notice as the new date may be at full capacity. We will confirm your order with payment and Pick Up/Delivery details approximately 1 week before your order is due. If you have purchased via the shop, your confirmation email is the final email you will receive from us.

We recommend 2-4 weeks as a minimum to place an order. As we have a limit on how many cake orders we can take each week, the sooner you contact us about your cake, the better chance we will have availability. However, we do sometimes accept last minute orders depending on the design, size and availability.

Deposits are non-refundable. A credit for the deposit may be forwarded to a new booking date if the customer gives at least 7 days notice. This will still incur an admin fee. If the booking is cancelled or you fail to give 7 days' notice for date changes, unfortunately we will forfeit your FULL deposit and will require another deposit for new booking date as products may have already been made/purchased for your order. We endeavour to be fair as possible in these circumstances.

We do offer delivery, but this is limited to weddings and multi-tiered cakes for a fee depending on the area of delivery and our availability. Otherwise, all of our customers collect their orders from our Nedlands studio. Our delivery fees vary depending on the length of the trip which can be quoted once you are in contact with us. We do also allow the option of you ordering an Uber to collect your order if you are unable to collect it yourself. This will be organised by yourself on the day of collection and our number will be provided to you to add us to the Uber booking, so we are notified when they arrive for collection. Otherwise, you need to send us a text with the info we require to identify the Uber. We don't recommend this option for the tall cakes (7 X 6 layer & Multi-Tiers in particular).

Before the week of collection, we will send you a confirmation email regarding your booking. We try to accomodate all customers with their preferred collection times giving you a 15-minute window to arrive. This being said, we are coordinating 60-100 customers each week so please text us if you are running late or if there are any changes as this has a huge flow effect on other deliveries/customers' events. In some circumstances, you may have to pay a late fee if we have to return to the studio specially for your recollection.

Tiered cakes will be provided to you in an enclosed box, on a cake board. You can transport them quite safely on the passenger floor of your car with the Air-Conditioner on. Make sure to brake and take corners slowly. Additionally, if you can have a passenger sitting with it on their lap for the journey. For larger cakes, we would advise requesting delivery for the safety of your cake. Before transporting, please ensure the cake is well refrigerated. Otherwise these should be transported in the boot of your car on a non-slip surface.

**We may be able to help fix any damage which occurs due to transport or mishandling after the cake leaves our store, but this is entirely up to our availability. So please be very careful!

Perth Cake Collective is not a Nut-Free and/or Gluten-Free kitchen. In saying that, we DO NOT cater Gluten-Free or vegan cakes, only Cupcakes. Please be aware of this when ordering and before serving your cake to your guests. We do not cater for allergies, but if your guests are aware of the risk, we can try our best to ensure no contamination occurs during the making of your order. We do not take responsibility for allergy related issues.

Yes, cookies need to be ordered in batches of 30. Standard cupcakes needs to be ordered in multiples of 12 as the baking trays and packaging box contains 12 holes. Mini cupcakes comes in batches of 24.

Perth Cake Collective cakes' are based on dessert servings, which are approximately 2" x 1" in size. If you are looking for coffee serves, which are approximately 1" x 1" cuts, please choose the size down to ensure you don't order too much cake. However, most people prefer the dessert sized slices.

We recommend cutting a cake in rectangle cubed slices, 1" deep all the way down the face of the cake. Push the whole slice onto a large plate or cutting board, then divide and cut smaller portions and distribute. Continute cutting this way for the next 1" deep slice until the end. Directions can be found on the cake card you are provided with for the tall cake orders. You can find a video of how to cut your cake on our instagram highlight reel here.

If you would like additional features on the cake such as gold leaf, flowers, macarons, custom acrylic toppers, gold acrylic toppers, unicorn cake, ice-cream cone cake - please let us know in the Enquiry Form so we can include this in your quote and we can quote you accordingly. Custom cake toppers are cut in-house for between $40-60 whilst basic toppers (i.e. 'Happy Birthday', '30', 'Oh Baby') are approximately $35+ depending on colour/type. Please do not order your own as it makes the design process harder. We provide toppers cheaper than what you would find online.

If you send us a rough idea of the Colour/Theme/Style/Occassion/Toppers you would like, we can then design a cake specific to what you need. Please note, our cake designs may be inspired by other cakes if requested BUT we cannot copy their designs exactly. We are sometimes limited to the toppers available and flowers that are purchased at the Flower Markets each week. We are happy to discuss this with you throughout the design process, so please give us a clear understanding of what you'd like. Otherwise, we are also more than happy to surprise you. We do work best with creative freedom.

Your cake can be kept fresh in the fridge for up to 3 days (Decorations & Flavours may vary). If you are not eating the cake on the day of collection, refrigerate the cake until you need to display it. If you cake is decorated with Flowers or Fondant, it will need to be collected on the day of consumption as these toppers don't look so great after being refrigerated overnight. Take your cake out to serve at least 45 mins - 1 hour in Summer, or 3 - 4 hours in the colder months before cutting. Butter-based cakes and buttercream are best eaten at room temperature & soft.

Your cake leftovers can be frozen for up to 30 Days, if placed in an airtight container. Cookies can be frozen too, as well as cupcakes.

As buttercream does soften and can melt in direct sunlight, it is best to display it indoors in an Air-Conditioned room. If it is outside, I would recommend cutting it within 2 hours. If it is inside, it can be displayed for up to 4 hours, but I would highly recommend always cutting it as soon as possible while it looks fresh out of refrigeration.

Yes! To ease your event planning, we do hire an array of cake stands. Cake stands are available to hire for our cake customers only. A bond of $50 will be taken when hiring a stand and refunded once the stand is returned in its original state in the expected time frame. All stands are picked up or delivered with your oredr. Return of the stand is due at our studio before or on the Thursday of the following week post your event (in time for the next person hiring it). Please be mindful that you could effect someone else's event if you do not return the stand in time and you will be invoiced for another hire fee if this occurs.

Unless due to good reason, we cannot make changes to your order or re-invoice without a $25 admin fee being added to the order. Each change made takes us time and may cost us in goods already purchased. Please understand that we cannot always accomodate date changes due to capacity and you may lose your deposit if this is not considered prior to booking.